Birkdale United Reformed Church

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Clause 7



7.1       To avoid doubt, this clause does not apply to the appointment of stipendiary ministers or church-related community workers.


7.2       Appointment to any employed position in the service of the Church will be made by the charity trustees of the church funds from which the employee is to be paid. The charity trustees of the relevant funds will also be party to any contract with an independent contractor for services to the Church. Unless the services to be rendered are solely to assist the trustees in their function as such, the following rules will apply:

a)        The creation of a new permanent employed position or its permanent abolition requires a resolution of the Church Meeting acting on advice from the Elders’ Meeting.

b)        The selection of an employee, the decision to vary contractual terms or terminate an employment (except for disciplinary reasons) or the decision to contract or terminate a contract with an independent contractor are matters for the Elders’ Meeting, on whose directions the charity trustees are to act.

c)         Another church committee may act in lieu of the Elders’ Meeting under the foregoing paragraph but only by express delegation from the Elders’ Meeting.

d)        The charity trustees are to scrutinise the terms of any contract of employment or for services before it is concluded, and may defer acting on a direction in order to allow the relevant Meeting or committee time to consider any concerns the charity trustees have.

e)        The charity trustees are at liberty to take, without receiving explicit directions, such other measures in relation to employees as good employment practice may indicate.


7.3       Charity trustees who employ or may employ staff on behalf of the church will adopt and from time to time review, subject to the approval of the Church Meeting, written procedures for disciplinary cases and for the settlement of employee grievances. Disciplinary procedures are to provide for warnings when appropriate, emergency suspension when appropriate, a hearing if an employee so requests and for an appeal procedure.


7.4       Charity trustees may decline to act upon a direction to employ one of their own number or to contract with a charity trustee for the supply of goods or services, They may only act upon such a direction if all requirements of charity law in relation to the remuneration of trustees are satisfied.


7.5       A charity trustee must be absent from the part of any meeting at which his or her employment or remuneration, or any matter concerning a contract to which he or she is party other than as a trustee (including his or her performance in that employment or the performance of the contract) are discussed.  He or she must not vote on any matter relating to his or her employment or the contract and must not be counted when calculating whether a quorum of charity trustees is present for that item of business.

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