Birkdale United Reformed Church

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  • Birkdale
  • Southport
  • Merseyside
  • PR8 2ET

Come to Church

Good News!  Church services are back each Sunday!

Doors open by 10:30am and the service begins at 10:45am.  Hymn singing is back!  Face coverings are optional, but if you feel more secure wearing one then please do.  Hand sanitiser is available at both entrances for you.  After-church refreshments are also available so please join us for a chat after the service. Chairs are back in rows, but the rows are further apart than before.  If you prefer to sit alone, just place something on the chairs next to you.

We look forward to seeing old friends and new...

If you feel unable to return to church just yet, there is an alternative service from Peter Lyth for you to follow at home.

 1st May

 Janice Atfield - Communion


 8th May

 Rev Peter Lyth


 15th May

 Rev Hilary Smith


 22nd May

 Nigel Mawdsley


 29th May

 Team Service


We hold a retiring collection for local charities after our Sunday services.  Now that we are worshipping on Sunday mornings, you can donate as usual.  If you prefer to not handle cash, but would like to support our charities, please either send your donations direct to the charity concerned, mentioning Birkdale United Reformed Church, or give it to Chris Goley, our treasurer.  You can contact her here.

This month's charity is Compassion Acts

Their Vision:

To see poverty reduced and social wellbeing increased in Southport and surrounding communities.
Their Mission:
To bring people together from the local neighbourhoods, uniting them with the resources and passion of local churches and other organisations - for projects and interventions, which achieve real enhancements in the social wellbeing of families and individuals.

Their Values:
•Respect because in the end they are about ‘Love’, and people, (service users, staff and volunteers) deserve to be treated well and fairly.
•Unity because bringing people of all backgrounds together is what they do, community and churches delivering far more together than apart.
•Hope because it is their experience that people do grow, change and feel empowered for a brighter future - if there is real engagement.
•Action because their positive beliefs and thoughts are only useful to other people, if we act on them.

There has been a vast increase in their Welfare Benefits Advice, which is a testament to their commitment to reducing poverty and ending the need for foodbanks, as well as the incredible hard work and dedication of the teams.

They are continuing to work on the strategy, ‘Going Upstream’. 2022 will see them expand both the scope of the support they are able to offer and the numbers they are able to offer it to; with new projects and exciting developments in the pipeline for this year.

Sadly they expect more people to find themselves struggling this year as living costs sky rocket and wages and benefits fail to keep up. However they are optimistic about the future knowing that they have so many loyal supporters by their side. To anyone who is struggling, please know that they are there for you if you need them and will do everything they can to help.

Please help them to help those in need by giving generously if you can.

Thank you.


There is a virtual

Julian Prayer Meeting

with Janice Atfield at 10am on Fridays

This is an opportunity for you  to spend 30 minutes in contemplative prayer and meditation.  Feel free to join Janice Atfield for some spiritual renewal.

  Use this link to  Email her here

Click here to learn about The Julian Meetings movement

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