Birkdale United Reformed Church

  • Grosvenor Road
  • Birkdale
  • Southport
  • Merseyside
  • PR8 2ET

Clause 6



6.1       The Church Meeting shall:

a)        consider the candidates nominated by the Elders’ Meeting for the office of Church Secretary, and by the charity trustees of the Church’s general funds for the office of Treasurer. If the candidate for Church Secretary is not acceptable to the Church Meeting then a fresh nomination is to be sought from the Elders’ Meeting.


b)        elect a Church Treasurer

c)         elect a person or persons to represent the Church on the Synod. These shall normally be members of the Elders’ Meeting

d)        elect such other honorary officers and representatives to external bodies as it sees fit;


6.2       The Church Meeting and Elders’ Meeting may each establish such committees or ministry groups as they see fit, prescribing their method of appointment, terms of reference and frequency of reporting to the parent body. The Church Meeting may determine to which council of the church (itself or the Elders’ Meeting) any committee or group established by it is to report.


6.3       Control of a delegated budget, with or without the competence to sign cheques drawn on church funds, may be delegated by the charity trustees of the funds concerned to committees, ministry groups or individual officers.

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