Birkdale United Reformed Church

  • Grosvenor Road
  • Birkdale
  • Southport
  • Merseyside
  • PR8 2ET

Clause 3



3.1       Property is held upon trust for purposes which include the charitable purposes of the Church.  This includes:

a)        land and buildings governed by trusts set out in  Schedule 2 to the United Reformed Church Acts 1972 and 1981 (‘the URC Acts’), which provide that the statutory power of appointing new trustees and certain powers of direction are vested in the Church Meeting[1].

b)        The general funds of the Church, governed by trusts declared in a resolution of the Church Meeting on (date), which provides that the qualified members of the Elders’ Meeting are charity trustees² and that Trustees are to act in accordance with procedures laid down by the Church Meeting.


3.2       The Church Meeting, after considering the recommendations of the Elders’ Meeting and any guidance issued under the authority of councils of the wider URC, will review


            a)        the uses to be made of the property in 3.1.a, and

            b)        procedures for proper administration of the general funds of the Church


3.3       The charity trustees of the general funds of the Church are responsible for presentation of an annual set of accounts to the Church Meeting and, where Charity registration has been completed, for preparation and submission of the annual Trustees report.

[1] A small number of properties are held by Local Churches on special trusts which fall outside the URC Acts. If in doubt, Churches should contact their Synod Office for advice.

² Consult your Synod Trust office for advice if this is not the case

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