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Reviewing our church life

 The life and work of every congregation benefits from periodically reviewing its mission and ministry. It is now time for our Major Review.

Part of the Major Review is purely factual - numbers, finance, buildings etc.  Part is about where we are now (geographically, resources, opportunities and spiritually).  More importantly, it is an opportunity for us to listen to God and review where we are going as a church.

Your input to this is important and a key part of that is the Congregational Questionnaire all members (and adherents) will receive.  Let’s be praying about our Review and that we are open to what God might be saying to us, asking of us, and where God might be leading us. 

Please take the time to prayerfully complete the Congregational Questionnaire and return it to the box (labelled 'LOCAL MISSION AND MINISTRY REVIEW'), which will soon appear at the back of the church.

There will also be a Dreams & Vision Day for everyone to come and be a part of.  We will give you plenty of notice of the date!

Elders will then try to make sense of it all and we will discuss our draft review and report at a Church Meeting later in the year!  Thank you.

Brian Lee.   Church Secretary

Download Brian's letter...

Download the questionnaire...

Extracts from our Church Service on 14 May 2017: -
            Today is the start of a journey - I was going to suggest that every other person moved to another seat, but that might take too long and cause discomfort. Well change does that doesn’t it! But, it also gives opportunities to see things from a different perspective. 
            So, what is the journey we are about to set out on together? It’s called LMMR - Local Mission and Ministry Review. And ours is a Major review - an opportunity for us to: -

1) Have a focus, and be intentional in addressing it.                                2) To emphasise that the whole of our church community, Congregation, Elders and Ministers are committed to working in partnership.                                                                                         3) That we commit the life of our church to a regular, Plan-Do-Review cycle.
            So, we must review past objectives, consider how things are going, celebrate what has been achieved, but rather than apportioning blame for what has not been successful learn from what has happened and ask ourselves what needs to change.
            It is an opportunity for us to take time to dream dreams, consider possibilities and consider how God is leading the church now, and the challenges, opportunities, talents and resources that God is asking of this church!

            Before starting on a journey it is important that we listen to safety procedures!  So, with apologies to airline cabin staff everywhere: -
            Thank you for choosing Lifetime Travel.  Our Captain today (and everyday) is Jesus Christ - vastly experienced.  He has done this journey before!
            I know many of you are experienced travellers but please take time (a lifetime) to read the instructions (hold up a Bible
            Please fasten the seatbelts of prayer whenever the signs are illuminated, but at least every day
            In times of reduced pressure please reach for the oxygen on the Holy Spirit, and only when you are secure share it with all around
            In times of peril don’t look to the ground for guidance, but fix your eyes on the Cross to lead you to safety.

Now, sit back and enjoy the journey listening to our captain who will talk to you throughout.